Vote YES today!

Vote YES this March to keep high quality teachers in the classroom and protect our outstanding local Castro Valley schools! 

Every penny from the parcel tax measure will be locally-controlled and directly support Castro Valley schools. Our outstanding schools make Castro Valley a wonderful place to live and voting YES on this measure keeps our property values strong.


What can you do?

Join us in improving our school district!

Current Stats


CA Ranked in Funding Nationwide


CV Funded Below National Average


CV Funding one of lowest in Alameda County

Why Vote Yes

There is never been a better time to make an impact with your community. Funding your schools means supporting the future of our children!

  • Local Control & Accountability
  • Strong Schools = Strong Property Values
  • Low Cost to Support Schools
  • Helps Attract & Retain Teachers

CVTA Support

The Castro Valley Teachers Association (CVTA) supports this measure.

Mark Miladnich, CVTA President

Community Support

Supporting our schools, supports our economy and property values.

Dan Willits, Local Business Owner & Parent

Parent Support

My family and I support this measure.

Tina Sachs, Parent

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Calendar of Events

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    Castro Valley, CA 94552, FPPC