About the Measure

Vote YES on Measure I to protect excellent academic programs and retain and attract highly qualified teachers in Castro Valley Unified School District. 

Our schools in Castro Valley Unified School District provide an outstanding education to local students in our elementary, middle and high schools. Vote YES on Measure I to keep excellent teachers in our classrooms and maintain outstanding academic programs that prepare students for success. 

Our District is among the lowest funded in Alameda County and cannot rely on the State as a relatable partner. The District has already made $1.8 million in ongoing cuts in the past few years, and we need this measure to provide the locally controlled, dedicated source of funding our schools need. 

Every penny from the measure stays local to support Castro Valley students and nothing can be taken by the State.

Vote Yes: Protect Student Success

  • Preserve strong academic programs in reading, writing, science, technology, engineering, arts and math
  • Attract and retain highly qualified teachers 
  • Prepare students for college and careers
  • Provide science for all grade levels 
  • Support the health and well-being of all students

All Funds Stay in Castro Valley Schools 

  • All funds stay right here in our local schools and cannot be taken away by the State
  • A citizens’ oversight committee and annual audits ensure that all funds are spent as promised
  • No funds can go to administrator salaries
  • Senior citizens are eligible for an exemption from the cost of the measure 

Strong schools make strong communities, and even if you don’t have school-aged children, voting Yes keeps Castro Valley a great place to live and protects our property values. 

Our community agrees this measure is essential for our local schools. Join Castro Valley leaders, parents, teachers and seniors in voting YES.

Ad paid for by Yes for Castro Valley Students, 4061 East Castro Valley Blvd, #155
Castro Valley, CA 94552, FPPC

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